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Marc Chagall - Il colore dei sogni



The 46th edition of the Anthological Art Exhibition organized by the City of Acqui Terme (on display from the 15th July to 3rd September 2017) presents a selection of works realized by one of the greatest Masters of the twentieth century: Marc Chagall (1887-1985).

A Russian artist, of Jewish origin, who spent much of his life in France and a period in New York in order to escape racial persecution. Whilst approaching the artistic movements of the period, from Cubism to Surrealism, he always kept alive his very personal and unique style, characterized by bright colours and dreamlike visions, achieving in his works, a harmonic combination of these two elements in enchanting and unique works of art.  Features that we find once again, together with other historic and religious elements, in the works on display.

The exhibition’s Art Curator is the Architect Adolfo Francesco Carozzi, where the works unwind in five different rooms and present some noteworthy paintings, four groups of graphic works and some ceramics.

In the first painting, L’Inspiration (1978, tempera and pastel on masonite), the Artist portrays a painter who seems almost guided by the Muse, while some figures of his unmistakable imagination float in the clearly Parisian background.

The painting Bouquet de fleurs sur fond rouge (around 1970, oil on canvas) is an important work that recalls one of Chagall’s favourite subjects, the bouquet. The floral theme, due to its persistence in the Artist's work, is always a blend of historical tendencies and meanings. Of course, there are some references to the vanitas, typical of the classical Dutch painting, but at the same time Chagall's flowers are often flowers of love. The work portrays lovers who are undoubtedly husband and wife formalizing their bond. The joyful atmosphere is expressed by Chagall through the choice of colours where pink, blue and purple seem to dance in the bright vermillion background.

La Famille (1978/80, oil on canvas) represents a synthesis of the Artist's characteristic subjects: an organic collage of his bestiary, of the people’s  motherhood, of bouquets.

The painting Musicien et danseuse (1975, oil on canvas) presents the theme of dancing and music, which is a recurrent leitmotiv in the Artist's work. We recall the remarkable decorations made in 1964 for the Paris Opera House or the stage scenery and costumes designed for the ballet Aleko (1942).

The donkey in front of the Church (1965, oil and collage on cardboard) represents an unpublished work, in fact it has never been displayed in any exhibition. If in Musicien et danseuse the references to Chagall's native country briefly appear, in this work we find the most important elements of Chagall’s regular theme.

The work King David plays the lyre  (1949/52, watercolour, Indian ink and coloured pencil on paper), with a sparing use of colour and stroke, finds in the essentiality a perfect feature for the narration.


Finally, in the last painting, Deux Têtes (1966, gouache on paper), Chagall abandons his typical backgrounds and shows how his figures, drawn with quick strokes of colour, are able to "sing" even on the white, silent paper.

The exhibition continues with two works in ceramics: Amoureuse (1952) and Abraham et les Trois Anges (1950). The first one portrays a white background that takes the shape of a woman and fades in the blue and green setting, whilst the second one reveals the appearance of the Angels to Abraham.

The exhibition concludes with an overview of the Artist's sacred and profane engravings.

His graphic work is not, in fact of secondary importance, often intended to illustrate important publications. He already began undertaking this kind of art in 1916/17 when he displayed his first illustrations of books and newspapers at the Nadezhda of St. Petersburg Dobitchina Bureau d'Art, and then carried on this activity with several achievements and receiving many awards such as the one in 1948, where an entire room at the 25th Biennale in Venice was dedicated to him and he received the most significant prize for Engraving.

The lithographs that make up The Story of Exodus (1966) testify Chagall's skill in mixing intimately Jewish and Biblical subjects with a more human and universal vision of "Universal Salvation." In Les Ateliers de Chagall (1976), the 24 works revisit, in a personal and evocative journey, Chagall’s remarkable artistic career. The exhibition continues with The Tempest (1975), where the Artist evokes Shakespeare's drama. Finally, in Et Sur la Terre (1977) we find a very vivid narrative view regarding the horrors of the Spanish Civil War.

The 120 operas on display at the Exhibition (which has been organized with the cooperation of The Art Company in Pesaro) range from paintings, where we find his most characteristic icons, to ceramics that combine in a remarkable way an ancient practice with the Artist’s  unmistakable themes, to the graphic works, where his distinctive quality alternates forests of features to paintings that, for the quality of colours appear as "painted engravings".

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