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Archaeological sites

archeologiaROMAN BATHS – corso Bagni (map n° 12)

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The ruins of a large spa complex dating from imperial times were discovered in 1913 during the construction of a building next to the Grand Hotel Nuove Terme, that consist of a spacious pool for hot water (calidarium) originally entirely covered by marble slabs, surrounded by some rooms heated by the use of a hypocaust, an under floor heating system. The water for the functioning of the system was carried directly through a conduit from the Bollente spring. The thermal building, together with the nearby amphitheatre discovered in the 1960s, occupied an area in the outskirts of the ancient roman Aquae Statiellae, external to the inhabited centre but easy to reach by the Via Aemilia Scauri. 

Opening times from 1st March 2014 until 30th April:
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A public fountain from roman times was brought to light during the excavations in the 1980s. A rectangular shaped structure formed by stone slabs fixed by metallic braces, dating from the beginning of imperial times (I-II century A.D) originally supplied with water carried by the grand aqueduct, through lead tubing (fistula), still preserved today. The fountain stood next to a home (domus) where the ruins of the exterior walls are still visible, alongside a road located at the centre of the roman city, not far from the forum.

ROMAN THEATRE - via Scatilazzi
teatro-romanoLocated near piazza della Bollente, Aquae Statiellae’s ancient theatre dates from imperial times, and was brought to light at the end of the 1990s. It took advantage of the hill’s natural slope and faced the piazza below where the stage was also situated, whose ruins are today hidden under the modern buildings. Some of the spectators seats were cut directly into the hill’s rocky basement, joined by entrance staircases of which some relics are still visible. The building must have created a beautiful monumental scenario along with the Bollente thermal spring and the bathing complex next to it that used its waters.

The building, discovered in the early 1980s consists of an artisan workshop destined to the production of ceramic vases. It was made up of six rooms ( in one the remains of an oven were recovered), distributed around a central courtyard with a well equipped with a stone well-curb. The building with its portico overlooked a cobbled street, situated along the ancient via for Hasta (Asti), on the boundary of the old urban centre and dates back to the I-II century A.D. It was probably used for a long time, until the beginning of the medieval period.



A special thanks for his valuable contribution to Dottor Alberto Bacchetta – Director of the Civic Archaeological Museusm of Acqui Terme


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ROMAN BATHS – corso Bagni (map n° 12) View the map The ruins of a large spa complex dating from...
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