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Wine and food




A land to be discovered and enjoyed with its wine & food delights that create a rich and genuine cuisine, capable of rediscovering flavours and aromas from the past.
The local gastronomy is characterized by simplicity, and is made up of dishes that are created using only local seasonal produce.


Its origins are poor, due to the humble economic conditions from the past, even though with the passing of time, the dishes have become richer, and nevertheless have never lost their primary ingredient: genuineness.
Typical dishes from the local cuisine are a fine selection of starters, among which the salami “Filetto Baciato of Ponzone” an absolute delicacy, cacciatorini, lard, peppers with bagna cauda and a variety of savoury cakes stand out.
Among the first courses are tajarin served with a mushroom or game sauce, agnolotti al plin, polenta, cisrò, farinata, and among the second courses fresh local meat, bollito misto mixed boiled meat, rabbit, braised meat, tripe, but also stockfish, finanziera a traditional Piemontese stir-fry and bagna cauda.


The local area also boasts a long tradition of small workshops that produce desserts using two typical products from the land: hazelnuts, cultivated in the Bormida valley, and chestnuts, whose woodlands cover most of the local territory.


Other local specialities are amaretti, that are still produced following an ancient recipe, baci di Dama, brut e bon and acquesi with rhum.


A land to be discovered and enjoyed… let yourself be transported by your senses…


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